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Paul and Melody

Paul and Melody Garber

Paul Garber

Born in 1944 at Tallmadge, Ohio and grew up in Akron, Ohio. Paul works for Christian Television Network in Florida. He is currently in charge of Christian Television Network International, a satellite network reaching all of Central and South America. Paul has worked in radio and television broadcasting and satellite communications since 1963. He has managed several radio and television stations and worked for five years in Europe as a missionary for the Assemblies of God. He designed and built the audio and video facilities for the DISH Network in Cheyenne Wyoming. He enjoys bike riding, animals, and computer work.

Melody Garber

Melody was born in Milan, Indiana and grew up as a missionary kid on Antigua in the Caribbean. She is retired now but that does not mean she is not busy. Melody is still very involved with missions work and has traveled around the world doing missions work and she activly supports several missionaries.   Her former work as an executive assistant has given her valuable skills to share on the mission field. Paul and Melody have 6 children, all grown with kids and grandkids of their own. Melody enjoys decorating her home, growing things in her garden, painting, crafts of all kinds and using her digital cameras to capture the wildlife here in Florida. Melody is an accomplished photographer and she has a complete line of prints and unique hand made greeting cards.

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Paul and Melody Garber

Paul and Melody
Lakeland, Florida

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