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Reverend David S. Randall seems to be the most gifted evangelist of modern times. People flock to hear him when he begins his career as a ten-year-old boy preacher, traveling with a Christian rabbi. Eventually known as God’s man for the hour, his charisma draws thousands to the altar. His creativity blossoms when he discovers television and takes traveling evangelism beyond the traditional revival meeting format to an event with the sparkle of a Broadway show.

David’s mother believes her son has a God-given talent that few in history have ever possessed. But does this man have a special anointing from God, or has he simply exploited a finely tuned skill? How can God allow good Christian people to follow a man with such a troubled secret life?

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The Iowa Garbers

This web site is dedicated to the Garber clan from Iowa.   Our side of the Garber family came from Leon Iowa but we encourage anyone with the Garber name to participate on our site.   We want to know where your family originated from and if there is any link with our side.

Our history pages are especially interesting. We feature a short version of the Garber family history along with a very complete genealogy.   We appreciate hearing from you and welcome your comments and contributions to the site.

Please explore our site and send us information and pictures from your family.

The Garber genealogy.

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