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Paul and Melody

Thoughts About the Terrorists

The recient violent events against our country cannot be ignored. Those in authority at the very top of our government spoke loud and clear, encouraging violence and chaos to a raciest mob they knew was hopped up on lies and misinformation coming from Donald Trump and his tribe. Simply seeing the combat uniforms the losers were wearing should have been enough for any reasonable person to know these people were there for criminal activity. These out of control morons wanted to initiate a coup to distroy our democracy and install a dictatorship. Right wing radio comentator and anti-American Alex Jones bragged that he funded the gathering to the tune of half a million dollars. Funding a move to the destroy our capitol, how pathetic is that?

Many showed blatent disrespect for our flag by flying the confederate flag, the flag that represents a defeated enemy who tried and failed to overthrow the United States government. It makes me wonder why they weren't flying the North Korean flag, or flags from other dictatorships if they wanted to disrespect us so much. Are these the same hipocritical people who were so vocal when football players took a knee to protest the slaughter of so many unarmed young blacks? It's no secret that Trump and his goons love dictators. It's sad to see people who do not appreciate the freedom that allowed them to gather in the first place.

So much has already been said about the deplorable events in our capitol. I cannot add anything. I can only ask, "Why aren't my Christian friends outraged? It seems that many of them have sold their soul to the devil!" Shame on them!

Paul Garber

Paul was born in 1944 at Tallmadge, Ohio and grew up in Akron, Ohio the son of a preacher. Paul is happily retired in West Palm Beach, Florida, but from time to time he still does projects for radio and television stations from Florida to Alaska. Paul has been a pioneer in broadcasting and satellite communications since 1963. He has managed radio and television stations and video production houses in several major markets in the US as well as spending five years in Europe producing educational and promotional programming for the International Correspondence Institure. He designed and built the audio and video facilities for the DISH Network in Cheyenne Wyoming. He enjoys bike riding, animals, and computer work.

Paul has written a novel that draws on his vast knowledge of the world of the televangelist. Click on the button below to learn more.

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Melody Garber

Melody was born in Milan, Indiana and grew up as a missionary kid on St. Kitts and Antigua in the Caribbean. She is retired now but that does not mean she is not busy. Melody is still very involved with missions work and has traveled around the world on short-term missions trips and she actively supports several missionaries.   Her former work as an executive assistant has given her valuable skills to share on the mission field. Paul and Melody have 6 children, all grown with kids and grand-kids of their own. Melody enjoys painting, crafts of all kinds and using her digital cameras to capture the wildlife here in Florida.

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